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  • Affordable Teeth Whitening

    If you’re looking for a product that can brighten up your smile then look no further. Smile Brilliant is the BEST product for you.

    I, myself am a busy girl that balances motherhood, entrepreneurship, career, and life all in a single day. As a fashion blogger, style consultant, wardrobe stylist, and etc. it is extremely important to have a bright and angelic smile. I’m either taking photos for a photo shoots or talking to clients about their physical appearance so it’s imperative that I have a bright and white smile.

    My days and nights are consumed with cooking breakfast, preparing my son for school, get myself prepared for work, packaging orders, researching looks for clients, conference calls, meetings, store runs, cooking dinner, helping with homework, getting my son prepared for bed, getting myself prepared for bed, then FINALLY some me time, which equals SLEEP TIME. Yes, my life is overwhelming at times but I love it.

    Over the past few years I started to notice discoloration. My pearly whites started to fade yellow. I always wondered what happen to my bright and charming smile, but I can admit coffee was and is my best friend lol. I was that girl who loves her Starbucks coffee every day and on occasions twice a day. I thought with me just regularly brushing my teeth that I could maintain my pearly whites but that was not the case.

    After paying attention to my family and friends teeth I started to observe their teeth becoming whiter and whiter and mine was like, “OH NO, NOT TODAY!” To tell you the truth I was always nervous about whitening my teeth at the dentist office, because I’ve always heard it was a waste of money. Not to mention going back to the dentist office multiple times to get the bright smile I wanted. Let's be clear not everyone can afford (even with insurance) teeth whitening at their local dentistry. Funny thing is my dentist office charges a whopping $250 for teeth whitening. I mean who has an extra $250 to spend on teeth whitening. Not I, said Tae (lol).

    I began researching and looking for home teeth whitening kits. I was on the hunt to find a home teeth whitening kit that was affordable and didn’t cause discomfort, and to find something that wasn’t too aggressive with making my teeth any more sensitive then what they are now. I was already skeptical that the whitening process would’ve made my teeth more sensitive. Can you believe that I cannot drink anything cold? I literally have to sit all my drinks and cold food out until it reaches room temperature because of my teeth’s sensitivity.

    Can you believe after all the researching I found and partnered with Smile Brilliant to begin my teeth whitening at home process. I was so thrilled that we found each other because this was the best solution for my journey. Each phase in the process was easy and hassle free. I signed up and received my teeth whitening kit within 14 business days. The instructions were EASY to follow.

    I received my molding tray in the kit and followed the directions given. The process was a breeze. After completing my mold trays I mailed them off (note: I waited a day before mailing because I wanted to make sure the trays were hard). It was that simple and easy. I literally receive my custom- fitted teeth whitening trays back within 2 weeks, which I was happy about because my schedule is normally chaotic.

    Once I received my custom-fitted teeth whitening trays I followed the instructions on the kit about the desensitizing gel and whitening applications. I apply a string amount of desensitizing gel along the trays and inserted the trays in my mouth for approximately 15-20 mins. I then repeat the same steps above but instead of leaving my trays in for 15-20mins I would leave them in for 2 hours. I know 2 HOURS seems like a lot of time but it generally past by fast.

    Quick Tip from Tae: I’ve learned that the BEST time for me is right before I get ready for bed to begin the whitening process. I typically brush my teeth, apply my SMILE BRILLIANT applications, and then hop in the shower. After my shower I get myself situated and by the time I realized 1.5 hours have already passed. For the remainder of the time left (approx. 30 mins) I usually try and catch up on emails, a TV show, or work orders. After that time has passed, I then remove my SMILE BRILLIANT trays and then I jump right into bed.

    Listen, I can never complain about an EASY process. That’s why I love my smile brilliant trays because between getting myself ready for bed and whiten my teeth all at the same time.

    Want to begin your SMILE BRILLIANT process? Then click the link below to begin your journey.


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    Take a look at my teeth before using SMILE BRILLIANT and my after photo after completing my process.