Chanteau Garrett

The Stylist: 


Growing up as the tall and skinny kid in the class has its advantages and disadvantages. Being thin and taller than most, growing up clothes were never quite the perfect fit for Chanteau right off the rack. At a young age, she began altering her clothing to better fit her and her personality. Whether it was a tuck here and roll up the sleeve there, Chanteau was always into the world of fashion before she even knew what true fashion was.

A professional model by the age of 15, Chanteau decided to dabble into the world of fashion behind the scenes as she got older. Graduate of Sam Houston State University with a degree in Fashion Merchandising, Chanteau coaches’ runway classes and is skilled to not only style but can make an outfit from head to toe.

Chanteau is not your “cookie cutter stylist”. She is the Fashion Editor for Teen Chic Magazine and has styled for NOIR Clothing’s fashion shows and photo shoots and is the staffed stylist for all of C’na Roberts Photography photo shoots. With her creative and sassy ideas and exquisitely chic taste, her styling components are like none other.